Want Better Yields? Try a Credit Union

by Lynn B. Johnson on June 30, 2009

High-Yield Checking AccountI recently found a great high-yield savings account. United Federal Credit Union has introduced a 6.01% APY Interest Plus Checking account on balances up to $25,000 for qualifying members. The rate is guaranteed “until at least 2010,” and the account also includes “free ATMs nationwide.”

Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for this credit union. I can’t become a member based on this list, nobody in my family is a member, and I don’t do business in their geographic area on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, credit unions can be a great place to find higher interest yields for checking and savings accounts. Because they are not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives, they typically pay dividends to their members and also boast lower service fees than typical banks.

Credit unions don’t offer membership to just anyone, but with deals like 6.01% APY Interest Plus Checking, it’s worthwhile for you to visit www.findacreditunion.com and see if you qualify for a membership at a comparable credit union. Good luck!

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