Couponing without the Hassle

by Lynn B. Johnson on September 8, 2009

couponingDo you feel guilty that even though a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, you’re still not clipping coupons out of the weekly newspaper circulars? “Couponing” is one craze that we should all take advantage of — especially with so many grocery stores now offering double-coupon values when you give them a single coupon — but it’s such a pain in the neck! First you have to get your hands on a local newspaper, then go through the slippery circulars, clip the coupons you think you might actually need while avoiding the ones that make you want to buy unwanted items, then organize them in some sort of order, and finally, remember to take them to the grocery store. It’s exhausting.

Happily, a new online company has taken the hassle out of coupon-clipping., a service of AOL, offers free online grocery coupons that link to your grocery store loyalty/rewards card.

It’s pretty slick. First, you check to see if your local grocery store is a participant. If it isn’t, you can click to select your favorite store and they’ll email you once that store becomes a Shortcuts partner.

If your store is a partner, then you fill out a quick registration form with your information and the registration numbers of your various grocery loyalty cards. Once your registration is complete, you just search and click on the coupons you’re interested in. Those coupons are then electronically transferred to your rewards card. Then, when you shop for those items, the savings are automatically calculated at the check-out stand.

Pretty slick. Highly recommended.


This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and
needs to be appreciated by everyone.

January 28 at 00:46 am
C. Norwood
Excellent! I've been using another coupon site, but will check out this one -- sounds much easier!
September 9 at 13:52 pm

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