National Geographic for $15/year

by Lynn B. Johnson on November 17, 2009

National GeographicNational Geographic magazine is a national treasure and as such, those of us in the US should support it. At $15/year, you’ll receive the best journalistic and nature photography ever, and you’ll learn something, too.

Visit this link and subscribe all your nieces and nephews. They’ll receive 12 issues for $15. Even if they don’t read, they’ll enjoy the beautiful pictures. Also, you can repurpose them into dioramas, collages, and other art projects. National Geographic employs the best photographers worldwide and has also awarded more than 8,000 grants for exploration, research, and conservation efforts.

Younger cousins can get 10 issues of NG Kids for $15 and a free world ball, too. You heard it here, folks: Fifteen bucks for a year’s worth of national treasures is the Christmas-present bargain of the year.


Lynn B. Johnson
I know... it's an absolute steal, considering the exceptional quality of the photos and editorial. Enjoy!
November 18 at 09:41 am
Already signed up. Thanks for the great tip Lynn - I had no clue that I can get NG for almost $1 per issue :)
November 18 at 05:10 am

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