Viva Vonage!

by Odysseas Papadimitriou on November 25, 2009

vonageGiven the upcoming holiday, I decided to do a light post about my favorite phone service. As we all know, there are plenty of heavy-hitters in the VoIP marketplace: Vonage, Skype, Google Voice, Magic Jack, Jupiter Jack, etc. But Vonage (VG) is the best of them based on my own subjective opinion. Here’s why.

First off, Vonage is different from its competitors because you do not need a PC to utilize it. Basically, you connect the Vonage box to a digital modem (either DSL or Cable), and then you unplug your regular phone from the wall and instead plug it in to the Vonage box.

The service costs $25 a month, for which you get Caller ID, voicemail, three-way calling, free calls to land-line phones and cell phones within the United States AND free calls to sixty other countries’ land-line phones. A few of those countries (including Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Thailand) allow you to call cellular phones for free, too.

As I mentioned, you need a Vonage box to use the system. The box is where Vonage pulls itself ahead of its competitors. You see, when you travel, you can take your Vonage and your telephone with you. Just plug it in to any live Internet connection while you travel. The Vonage service is not bound by geographic barriers because, well, neither is the Internet. So, say you’re visiting your in-laws for a week: bring along your box, plug it in to their DSL/Cable modem, and viola! You’ve brought your phone number with you on your trip.

(It is possible to forward your Vonage calls to your cell phone, too.)

So, not only can you take your phone number with you while you’re out of town or out of the country, but you can use Vonage with any Internet connection anywhere. And the quality is pretty outstanding — I’ve used Skype, too, and Vonage is much better than that — so I’m not trading value and portability for phone calls that sound like they’re being made from a barrel at the bottom of Niagara Falls.

Vonage has even revolutionized voicemail. It sends you your voicemail messages as email attachments, which is fairly standard for phone services, but it goes the extra mile by transcribing your voicemail and including that text in the body of that email message. This way, I can easily read my voicemails from my smartphone, wherever I am!

I’m in love with Vonage. I love that you don’t need a PC to use it. I love the quality and I love that it only costs $25/month. I love that I can read my voicemails in an email message.

In fact, the only problem with Vonage is the same problem that exists with all VoIP formats: if the power goes out, you’re out of luck.

Any other suggestions for a VoIP service that is better than Vonage?


Thompson Jems
Specialized in the acquisition and resale of all major brands of
Telecommunications equipment including Altigen, AT&T, Cisco, Comdial, Executone, Inter-tel, Isotec, Iwatsu, Lucent / Avaya, Meridian, Mitel, NEC, Niksuko, Nortel-Meridian, Nortel-Norstar, Northern Telecom, Panasonic, Partner, Siemens, Telrad, Tie, Toshiba, Vodavi, etc.
June 3 at 02:54 am
Try Spokn,the VOIP offering from Geodesic ltd. Mumbai-
December 10 at 13:10 pm
I am looking to get majick jack on one motnth trial to use it to call middle can I get that?
December 6 at 22:15 pm
just go to and order it
December 9 at 19:38 pm
wat ever
December 2 at 10:18 am
I think you are missing a point here. You commented that you don't have to take your PC if you use Vonage. I would rather travel with my laptop and be able to do video conferencing as Jane ommented while you have to lug around your Vonage unit and Phone to get Voice for $25 a month.
November 29 at 18:15 pm
Allvoi is what i use cause you can use it from any cell phone for just 1.99 a month and they have plans from 4.99 a month
November 25 at 20:19 pm
Skype is actually cheaper than Vonage if you are not a power user and I do not mind bringing my PC around + I can do video conference. Can you do video with Vonage?
November 25 at 18:10 pm
I am a Vonage user too...& its simply GREAT!!! you have an option in Vonage which is - Network availability number. So, if the power goes out or your internet goes down, all calls will be forwarded to your cell phone.
November 25 at 13:58 pm
Its great that you can use vonage with your cell phone too (Blackberry and iphone)
and soon you will be able to use the vonage world plan on your cell phone
November 25 at 11:30 am
Odysseas Papadimitriou
How do you do that?
November 25 at 14:07 pm
I purchased a aps battery backup which provides me at least 24 hours back up power which works great with vonage !!
November 25 at 11:19 am
VONAGE, SKYPE, all good, but expensive when it commes to make international calls, I have done a big research on this, is the cheapest, and very straight forward in what they sell.
At least %65 cheaper than SKYPE and Vonage.
November 25 at 10:35 am
What's cheaper than FREE? For a flat fee of $25 a month, make unlimited phone calls in the US and to over 60 countries. No need to have a landline anymore. Forward calls to your cell phones. No need to sit at your PC to call. Phones work throughout your house as usual. Go Vonage!
November 25 at 11:25 am
Michael Z
Hi Odysseas, Michael with Vonage here - thanks for taking the time out to blog about us! Glad to hear you’re happy with the service.

We thought your readers might be interested in a new offer we have available to help customers save as they gear up for Black Friday. When users sign up for Vonage World before Thanksgiving, we are offering a free month of phone service ( Thanks again!
November 25 at 10:27 am
8x8 inc
November 25 at 10:17 am
I will have to try Vonage. For now I use which is an excellent way for paying only for the calls that you make. I even use Jajah from my cell phone, which I am pretty sure you can not do using Vonage.
November 25 at 05:49 am

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