Carnival of Personal Finance: 2011 New Year's Resolution Edition

by John Kiernan on January 10, 2011

new-year-resolutionsWe’ve counted down.  We’ve toasted the champagne.  We’ve kissed our sweethearts.  The New Year is upon us, and with this turn of the calendar comes a chance for a fresh start, a cleaning of the slate.  While your goals for making 2011 better than its predecessor most likely pervade all aspects of your life, financial New Year’s Resolutions are particularly popular, especially considering the current financial climate.  Perhaps you want to finally get out of debt.  Maybe all of the ads on TV have psyched you up to improve your credit score.  Or you might want to increase small business profitability or invest more wisely.  Hopefully, whatever your goal may be, this financial resolution will fare better than previous pledges that have fallen by the wayside.  Commit to making this year different, to helping your personal finance objectives outlast the “honeymoon period” after which so many New Years Resolutions die.  The first step in doing so?  Reading the New Year’s Resolution Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  Look, you’re already on your way!

Editor’s Picks

Shaun from Money Cactus presents How to Use the Power of Groups , and says, “People often underestimate themselves when they set out to achieve a goal, but the power of a group can change all that. ”

Jill from My Dollar Plan presents Reviewing 2010 and 2011 Financial Strategies , and says, “A new year means time to review what you’ve learned about your finances and how you can implement improved strategy going forward!”

Briana Ford from Go Banking Rates presents Over 1.5 Million Americans Filed for Bankruptcy in 2010.

Jonathan from CentsToShare presents How To Make Pizza For 38 Cents .

Big Cajun Man from THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Money Makes us ALL Crazy , and says, “An incident with the latest Monster Lottery in Canada suggests the importance of having up to date documentation (financially speaking).”

Money Management

Craig from Free From Broke presents Some Great Alternatives to Brick and Mortar Checking Accounts , and says, “Traditional checking accounts have been encumbered with various fees in recent years. What to do? There are a number of online checking accounts that are fee free that make great alternatives.”

ElizabethG (Modern Gal) from Modern Gal presents Missing the Financial Forest for the Trees .

vh from Funny about Money presents Whence Bag Lady Syndrome? .

Bob from Christian Finances presents 6 Financial Mistakes And How To Recover From Them , and says, “Even if you made a few of these financial mistakes last year, there are ways to recover so you can get back on track quickly. It takes work, but you can overcome these financial slip-ups and be on our way to recovery in no time?”

Jim from Bargaineering presents 5 Billionaires Who “Skated” On Death Tax .

RJ Weiss from Gen Y Wealth presents How Not to Lose a Friend over Their Spending Behavior , and says, “How do you maintain a relationship with a friend, who you love to be with, but who also likes to spend more than you?”

pfstock from presents Yodlee, Mint, and Financial Account Management .

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Set Up A Personal Financial Calendar, Get Organized For The Year , and says, “Let’s get organized for the coming year and set up a personal financial calendar. ”

Jason from Live Real, Now presents Living the XBox Life on an Atari Income , and says, “There are perils to living beyond your means.”


Ben from Money Smart Life presents Payroll Tax Cut 2011 , and says, “A look at how much the payroll tax cut will save you and the issues it’s causing with payroll departments and Social Security.”

Philip from PT Money presents Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits , and says, “Reach for the maximum in retirement savings. Here are the annual limits to IRAs.”

Super Saver from My Wealth Builder presents IRS Delays Accepting Returns with Itemized Deductions , and says, “The IRS has announced that taxpayers with itemized deductions, tuition and fees or teacher expense adjustments will need to wait until mid to late February to file their tax returns.”

N.W. Journey from Networth Journey presents Free Tax Return Preparation Help , and says, “Tips on how to find free tax preparation assistance.”

Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians presents The Beginner’s Guide to Self Employed Tax .

Suba from Wealth Informatics presents 2011 Tax Changes , and says, “Summary of tax changes that will affect the individuals and small business owners in 2011.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents Using Flex Spend to Save on Taxes , and says, “Flexible spending accounts let you save big on taxes, but be careful not to lose your money.”


Janet from Credit, Eh presents How to Pay Off Christmas Debt Fast .

Kris Bickell from Debt Tips presents The Truth About Debt Relief Programs.

Jason from One Money Design presents Help! In Debt! Get Out of Debt This Year! , and says, “Help! In Debt! Do these words sound familiar? Take these steps to make a difference in your finances and get out of debt this year!”

Ramsay from moneyedup presents Use Supplemental Income To Pay O

Kristina from Dinks Finance presents A Man named Madoff .

Squirrelers from Squirrelers presents 5 Rules for Achieving Debt-free Living .


Jeff Rose from Soldier of Finance presents 400,000 Miles? No Problem. How Driving a Tank Can Make You a Millionaire .

Bret from Hope to Prosper presents Hopeful Predictions for 2011 , and says, “I hope these predictions are useful in your endeavor to prosper.”

Money Thinker from Money Thinking presents Financial New Years Resolutions .


RC from Think Your Way To Wealth presents Ways to Avoid Costly ATM Fees .

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Impulse Buys Are The Devil , and says, “What are some of the things you guys fall for?”

Donna Freedman from Get Rich Slowly presents Beyond Tupperware: Frugal food storage , and says, “To hear the storage industry tell it, every kitchen needs plastic containers in a dozen sizes, plus lots of foil, waxed paper, and plastic wrap and bags. It ain’t necessarily so.”

David Leonhardt from Self-help Happiness presents Five Animals Teach Us Less-wasteful Dining Habits , and says, “Feeling frugal? Wondering how to save some money and time while still eating healthy and helping the environment? Here are five animals showing us ways to eat less wastefully, saving time and money, while helping our health and the environment.


DSO from Dividend Stocks presents Find a stock broker to meet your needs , and says, “Are you currently in the market for a new brokerage firm? Is your old firm robbing you of money with large commissions and inactivity fees?”

Pat S. from compounding returns presents Dividend Growth Stocks for the Long Term .

Alex G from Leveraged ETF presents Precious Metals ETF- Add Glitter To Your Portfolio? , and says, “Commodities are hitting all time highs. Precious metals like Silver, are making multi-decade highs and some analysts see no end in sight. There are many factors going into this bull but first we must answer the question, what exactly is a precious metal? ”

The Investment Blogger from The Investment Blog presents 2011 Currencies Outlook & 2010 Review , and says, “This article discusses the 2011 investment outlook for the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan, and global currencies in general. It also reviews the major currency events of 2010.”

Mark from Buy Like Buffett presents What To Look For When Buying An ETF .

Junior Boomer from Consumer Boomer presents Best Banks to Open a Roth IRA , and says, “The Roth IRA has become one of the most talked about financial products on the market. Here’s an article you need to read before opening a Roth IRA.”

Roger Wohlner from Chicago Financial Planner presents Its 2011, What Do I Do Now? – Retirement Plans , and says, “There have been a seemingly endless number of articles and cable news segments about what you should do financially in 2011. Well its now 2011 and here are a few things I suggest on the retirement plan front.”

Pat S. from compounding returns presents The Stock Market: A beginner’s guide .

Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor presents Tracking Error: What is it? And is it a problem? , and says, “Tracking error refers to a situation in which a portfolio doesn’t track its index. In some cases, it can be a sign of major problems.”

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Best Dividend Stocks for 2011 , and says, “Dividend growth investing is all about finding the companies which are best positioned to increase dividends over the long haul.


Sean Smarty from Grow Money presents Top 10 Credit Card Scam Prevention Tips .

The Smarter Wallet from The Smarter Wallet presents A Teen’s First Credit Card: Tips For The New Card User , and says, “Thoughts on introducing credit cards to the youth (students and teens).”

Jeff from Smart Balance Transfers presents Balance Transfers Can Help or Hurt Credit Scores , and says, “Balance transfers can either help or hurt credit scores. Closing old credit card accounts is a sure way to negatively impact your score after a balance transfer, but paying down debt and adding new credit can provide a quick score boost.”

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents Credit Score Scale: What is a Good Score? , and says, “Lenders — and plenty of others — use your position on the credit score scale to make decisions about how they will treat you in money matters. Here are a few things you need to know about your credit score and how it can help or hurt you.”


Miranda from MoneyNing presents How to Set Financial Goals for the New Year .

Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog presents Trending Up: 1 Stores Effect on my Budget , and says, “I seem to over-spend when I’m at Whole Foods, and not just because their food is expensive. I buy more things as well. Are there any stores where you’re in the same boat?”

Stuart from Pennywise2Pennyworth presents Budgets Aren’t Sexy…Spending Plans Are Sexy , and says, “Budgets don’t work. A spending (and savings) plan is a great and freeing alternative to a budget. ”

Sandy from Yes, I Am Cheap presents Did I Meet My Goals For 2010? , and says, “It’s the end of 2010. Time to see how I did with my goals for the year.”

Real Estate

Mike from Green Panda Treehouse presents How Much Money Do I Need for a House Down Payment? , and says, “A look at the popular debate of how much money you need to save for a down payment.”


Darwin from Darwin’s Money presents US Debt Ceiling Vote Coming – Watch Out! , and says, “The US debt ceiling has hit the roof – and needs to be raised again by an act of Congress next month. Find out why this is important and what it’s all about.”

pfblogger from Personal Cents presents Rich Getting Richer .

2 Cents from Balance Junkie presents Post Cards from 2010 , and says, “A year ago I wrote about some of the major themes that I thought might affect the economy, our personal finances, and investments in 2010. This is a look at how it all turned out.”


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