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by Guest on January 26, 2011

Avoid the savings clutter

[Editor's Note: We recently started using a new service called Offermatic and thought it was great; so we asked the good people at Offermatic.com to write a guest post for Wallet Blog and tell their story]

The deal and offer market is overflowing with group buying companies throwing around offers and deals and coupons and vouchers – you can’t swing a dead cat around the room without hitting a new player in the space. But is anyone really innovating, or are all these companies just different shades of the same? And how much value really exists for the average consumer in daily offers to save on exotic travel, manicures, spa treatments, and cupcakes?

What if you could get amazing savings without having to actually do anything? What if a service knew what you liked automatically and sent you offers that were actually useful and relevant? Imagine being able to take advantage of those savings without coupons, vouchers or rebate forms.

It’s become a real pain point for people to sort through all the noise to find offers that are relevant, and redemption of said offers can at times feel like a 12-step process. We looked for a better model – a better, easier way to save – and couldn’t find anything.

With all the deal and offer sites popping up, there remained a hole in the market, and over a burrito one afternoon, it hit us that we could fill this gap. So we built Offermatic.

When we conceived Offermatic we based it on our experience with services like Mint.com. As a money-management platform, Mint would present offers for new banks or new credit cards, but we wanted offers for things we spent money on every day. We also wanted to redeem offers without having to present a coupon or voucher or announce that that we were redeeming a deal.

Therefore, Offermatic’s value proposition is built on relevance, and simplicity. To sign up, just visit Offermatic.com and link your debit card or credit card to your account. Offermatic will then works in the background automatically get smarter matching offers to your profile based on what you spend and where you spend it. All of our offers are at least 50% off, and they’ll be highly relevant from day one and will continue to get sharper over time. We welcome your feedback, so please keep it coming.


Thanks for writing about offermatic. I tried it and seems very interesting. I already got a 5$ rebate
February 7 at 23:05 pm
"smarter matching offers to your profile based on what you spend and where you spend it. " How does Offermatic know what I spend and where I spend it? Do they have access to my credit card history?

Question #2, is Wallet Blog receiving any compensation from Offermatic for posting this blog entry?
January 31 at 12:59 pm
Odysseas Papadimitriou
Answer 1: Yes, you provide them with access to your credit card transaction history and they automatically pull the info

Answer 2: No compensation - we just like their service - we think it is a very unique idea
February 1 at 11:51 am
Nice Article. I just now got Coupons of my Favorite Brands at "Printapons" search online and start saving now
January 26 at 23:26 pm

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