How Relationships and Marriage Affect Health, Happiness and Finances

by Guest on July 17, 2012

Recently a study conducted by students at Cornell University showed that people who are in a committed relationship or a marriage are comparatively happier than those who are single, and both of the partners have the highest sense of well being, even if they do not rate themselves as happy. The study, related to happiness and well being, reported that people who are in a live-in relationship are equal to married people in terms of happiness. They are followed by people who are in a steady relationship, and last come those who are in casual relationships. To be very precise, researchers say that it is good to be in a relationship as it keeps both men and women in a happier state of mind. As the relationship between a couple gets stronger day-by-day, they feel better and happier than ever.

It is often said that married people or those who are in a relationship live longer than others. Statistical surveys, conducted in a number of countries throughout the world, prove that people who are married suffer less from disease and illness, and, even if they become ill, they recover sooner than those who are single. Married couples who live under one roof suffer from lower risk rates, for example, from driving, smoking, etc. The rate of suicide and alcoholism is also less. It has been observed that health changes toward the positive frequently take place after marriage. A husband or wife who was vulnerable to frequent health issues earlier suffers less after marriage.

According to a number of psychologists, the married couple can have a tranquilizing effect on each other while cohabiting. Marriage can be beneficial especially for men as it in many ways changes their lifestyle towards the better. The lifestyles of most unmarried men are, to some extent, weird, with irregular meals, odd sleeping hours, lots of drinks, and lack of social responsibilities. If someone is in a committed relationship, be it marriage, live-in, or love, they need to work hard constantly to make it better for both them and their partner. This effort leaves a positive effect on their health and it even increases their longevity.

While explaining the link between marriage, happiness, and mental health, many experts say that a marriage is more than a permit to cohabit with each other. In many cultures, there are traditions of taking vows in front of their god or other  people. Therefore a marriage can also be considered a sacred ceremony–a holy union between a man and a woman. So, the entire process of a marriage ceremony and blessings often offers peace of mind and a sense of responsibility between the partners.

Marriage and relationships also extend our social network. This is not just the union of two human beings. A number of relatives, family members, and friends from both sides get involved with the relationship as time passes. At times they will enjoy various social activities together. All this helps  improve their communication skills and makes them more responsible human beings.

Apart from health and happiness, marriage also provides stronger financial security. It is a known fact that married couples are, on a whole,  financially more secure and in a better position than those who are either single or divorced. This is especially applicable to women. Married women are financially more secure than single women. This security often comes when the husband is the primary earning member of the family. But if the marriage fails to survive and the wife starts living alone she often faces financial disaster. The situation becomes worse if she is a single mother because, in today’s society, it is extremely difficult to take care of a child and provide him or her the best upbringing on a single income or no income. So, as you can see, having a healthy,committed relationship can lead to a physically, emotionally and financially healthy life.
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