Give the Gift of Savings to Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

by Guest on December 12, 2012

gift tax exemptionEvery year, we look for gifts that are “different,” that really show our loved ones how much we care. This is not always easy, especially since it seems that we are surrounded only by material gifts that will be forgotten or thrown away over time.

With these thoughts in mind  the GradSave team went in search of gifts that will not only hold their value, but that will actually help the ones you love save money. Here are our tops five picks:

  1. College Savings Gift Card – the meaningful stocking stuffer
    With a GradSave college savings gift card, parents, friends and families can give to a child’s college education. When redeemed, funds from the gift card go directly to a child’s college savings plan. Think of it as the “US Savings Bond meets Web 2.0.” This is a great way to help children avoid massive student loan debts and achieve their hopes and dreams.
  2. Museum Memberships – the educational gift
    No matter what intrigues your loved one, there is bound to be a museum or organization that they are interested in or that would be exciting to them. So, whether it’s for the art museum or children’s museum, memberships give friends and family an educational way to spend time and to save money all year round.
  3. KIVA Micro Loans Gift Card – the gift that changes lives
    This is an excellent way to share the wealth and send gifts overseas where it will help change the world. For the person with everything, a micro loan gift card will inspire them to help people thousands of miles away to realize their dream. It’s amazing how far $20 can go for those in need!
  4. Music Lessons – the harmonious gift
    Most everyone wishes they could play a musical instrument of some sort but never seems to get around to signing up for lessons. We all love music and the emotions it provokes within us, so why not let your loved ones learn to create the music themselves? By gifting the lessons, your loved ones will be motivated to add music and harmony to their life.
  5. Kid Coupons – the memory-making gift
    Create your own personal coupon booklet for special treatment or privileges that you know your child will love or has been asking for. Some examples include “Trip to the Zoo,” “Story Time ” or “Extra Hour of Television”  coupons. Your little one will be sure to remember this gift as the days pass – and it doesn’t cost you a penny to make!

Regardless of whether you choose one of these gifts or something similar, the idea is that we should be emphasizing the quality of the gifts we are giving, not the quantity or grandeur. In today’s world, it’s so easy to get lost in materiality; we need to get back to living lives that are fulfilling.

From our GradSave family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday filled with love, laughter and plenty savings!


This post comes to us from Marcos Cordero, CEO of GradSave, a company dedicated to making higher education attainable for all. GradSave is an online college savings registry where parents establish a unique child profile to share with loved ones, making it easy for friends and family to give the gift of college education.

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